Volunteer Information


  "Could you "

Commit your church or business to help with monthly financial help?

Provide services such as dental or medical care, legal assistance, auto repair, home maintenance to those in need?

Counsel persons who need help developing a household budget or can you sharpen their job skills?

Provide childcare so that a parent could go back to work without financial stress of daycare expenses?

Let Us lmow if you can do any of the following, if you

are interested in becoming involed with us.

Join the volunteer staff.

My church would like to be more involved.

My organization would like to pledge financial support.

​I own or manage a business, and would like to set up an account

with Samaritans Together.

My business could occasionally provide a service or product at a

reduced rate.

​I will pray for Samaritans Together and the people that

​they serve.

I would like to serve as a representative from my church as

​a contact "Samaritan Church."

​I could supply counseling in the following areas 

​I could donate my skills in the following areas.

Please use the form below to

​contact us if you can help...Thank You 

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